Dignidad Movement

Dignidad  (Dignity) Movement

This initiative is aimed at supporting the movement of women of the same name (Dignity Movement ) that emerged on January 15, 2017 in claim of three things:

  1. A) To eradicate the figure of "danger" -from remote fascist origins- of the Cuban penal code;
  2. B) Grant immediate amnesty to persons imprisoned under this category who have not committed any crime or past a trial and can be imprisoned for up to four years based on “suspicions”
  3. C) require transparency to the penitentiary system (more than 200 currently) so that its facilities and practices can be inspected by the international rapporteur against torture and arbitrary detentions of the United Nations .

Cuba ranks second in the Americas in overcrowding in the jailcells  and the fourth in the Western Hemisphere in the number of prisoners per capita in relation to the population (between 60,000 and 70,000).

The Movement has gradually spreaded from its cradle in the eastern region to the west, where several activists have painted on walls of some cities with the letter "D", allegorical to the name (Dignity) of that organization.

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